Friday, 23 December 2016

Season's Greetings!

Merry Christmas everyone! Ho ho ho! I wish you all happiness for this Christmas.

I haven't been really active with this blog lately because the last quarter of this year was so full of action that it kept me busy at work.

There was this new wholesale company that our mother company had set up this year. It required me to come up with an inventory system of some sort and an online website from whence our client could visit and check out our new products.

There were also some challenges regarding our ailing hardware that needed repairs or replacements. Telikom has also migrated to GSM recently and as a result, twice in just a couple of months we've had some serious disruptions to our telephones lines which took some days to reinstate.

But the majority of these challenges are solved now and I have once again, shifted my focus to the normal routines in the company. For example, I am back to assisting the floor managers for any POS machines issues, inventory queries and did some programming for tanGosoft.

And just recently, making some designs for the posters and banner for our Lucky Chance promo.

This is the first design that I drew with a Hanvon Art Media using Paint Tool SAI+ and Adobe Photoshop. It did not get a thumbs up from the management. Later on that day, it has come to my knowledge that it was considered too sexist for the general audience to appreciate, hence it was dropped.

Here's a revised poster to which the management has agreed on getting printed. I used a lot of blue here to establish a connection between the promo and our company's logo, which is also blue.

The Lucky Chance being mentioned is all compressed into this little space we call the Lucky Chance booth. The mechanics of which is to give a chance to any customer who has bought a minimum of K100.00 (P1,400.00) to win a prize or get sorry. I created a program that will select the prize automatically once a finger is scanned on a biometric machine attached to this computer.

Here are the certificates that I designed in Photoshop. The awardees are carefully selected through the recommendations from the floor managers. The awards for this year are Perfect Attendance Award and the Long Service Award. Not all of whom had been recommended would be given awards but only those who had passed through the careful scrutiny of our Branch Manager.

That's all for this week. Happy holidays everyone! 
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