Monday, 5 September 2016

Nice Places To Visit In Papua New Guinea

This particular post is like a summary of the nicest places that I've visited in Papua New Guinea. The list is in any order and I'm hoping that this will get updated with new stories from my recent visits if time permits. Whether you're staying here for holiday or working here, you may want to take time and see them. They're worth a visit.

FB Page: Port Moresby Nature Park

Port Moresby Nature Park

"POM Nature Park was formerly called the National Capital Botanical Gardens. There is little literature on how it was changed, but perhaps the existence of wildlife such as birds, kangaroos and some other types, along with the different diversities of plants necessitates for a name change that is more befitting to the place."

Photo Credits:  Loloata Island Resort Website

Loloata Island Resort

"Surprisingly enough, the voyage doesn’t take that long and it ends shortly at this long wooden structure that serves as a footbridge for travelers. Each pole was installed with LED lights that I guessed, would look exquisite at night. At the end of this footbridge was an arc to welcome the visitors. "

Lealea Beach

"It was windy but mild, more like a breeze that didn't leave a sticky sensation on the skin. The sky was cloudy and there seemed to be a notion that rain would pour anytime. The water was resting not too far away from the beach so bringing a volleyball with us could have been a good idea."

Pacific Adventist University

"Our itinerary to Pacific Adventist University involves waking up early, sealing off our foods in a picnic bag and heading out to the route that usually traverses the vastness of Port Moresby’s uninhabited landscape under the shades of a dusky morning. "

Adventure Park

"There is a pond with enough water to float a yacht located in the center of the park. These paddle boats moored to the shoal can be rented for a minimal price. I actually thought it would be much easier to get across the other end of the park by way of this boat rather than walking around the pond, but I figured I hadn’t been in a boat since 1999 and I was a bit thalassaphobic."

Koitaki Country Club

Camping at Koitaki Country Club Part 1
Camping at Koitaki Country Club Part 2


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