Thursday, 6 April 2017

The King of All Corned Beef

How does one make a review of a certain brand of corned beef?

This question has had me mildly stumped for a while, and for once, I found myself stretched out in between the two opposing sides of whether I should write about it or not. But my inquisitive instinct has got the better of me and I thought that, maybe, a short, but a straightforward write up of my own observation would suffice.

Back in the Philippines, Filipino families of all means are blessed with an equally comfortable opportunity of buying canned foods in the consumer market. And having experienced life both being in the poor sector and in the middle class,  I don’t quite remember of having known a particular brand of tin food, like corned beef, for instance, being produced for the upper-class alone.

But perhaps, there exists a brand that is virtually accessible only to the rich ones and such closely guarded existence that has eluded my awareness for years may allude to a possibility that being unaware of it all my life is a proof that it does exist.

I’m probably watching too much movies.

Anyway, in Papua New Guinea, there is a locally produced brand of corned beef that is really nice. The brand is Ox & Palm. It’s so nice that I now consider calling it, the “King of all Corned Beef.”

But how does one arrive at such hasty conclusion, you ask?

I think that a good corned beef is like the product of a good marriage. The perfect balance in the marital mixture of soft beef, salt and sweet produces a unique taste that only Ox & Palm, at the time being, can deliver.

I’ll probably buy a couple and bring it with me to the Philippines so my relatives could try as well.


  1. This corned beef that I consider as "my hero" when I am too lazy to cook, hihihi. BTW, it's nice to know that there's also blogger here in Papua New Guinea. I am not a loner. hope to meet you Kuya in person.

    1. Hi Lin,

      Yes, this corned beef can be prepared into anything we want to come out of it. My cousin's favorite is to just heat the can up on top of an oven. :)

      Nice to know that you're here in PNG too. Looking forward to meet you someday. :)

      Thanks for dropping by. I followed your blog by email. :)




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