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Dynasty Seafood Restaurant In Port Moresby

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In the eve of the Chinese New Year Holiday, the management of the company that I work with sets a dinner at Dynasty Seafood Restaurant which is located in the heart of Vision City Mega Mall in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

I actually never had a chance in my life to say Kung Hei Fat Choi to somebody during this celebration since I mostly grew up in a place where majorities of business owners are also the locals.

In Manila, where there is a prevalence of Chinese businessmen, Chinese New Year are actually being celebrated particularly in Ongpin where the community of Filipino-Chinese population is highly concentrated. Wandering there might actually feel like being in Hongkong,

But here in Papua New Guinea, I can see too that a number of business establishment are owned by Papuan-Chinese businessmen and this company is just one of them. I happen to be an employee so--luckily--I had the chance to get invited for this celebration.

The dinner was set at 7:30 pm sharp, but we came in 5 minutes late. I guess that's a Filipino time for you. ^_^

At that time, customers roaming around Vision City were getting fewer and fewer which explained why there were not much people around when I took the photo of the entrance below.

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The entrance to Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
The restaurant is at the second floor and just above the BSP (Bank) outlet. The escalator is located at the East wing which is a bit far so you would have to climb a 20-step stairs to get up there.

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Classy lanterns with soft light are meticulously hung all-over the place inside.
The company booked for a private room. Each private room may have two or three round tables inside--all of which may depend on the size of the room. In each room is a powder room where everyone can freshen up a bit.

The table setting is very inviting. Each round table is carefully set with complimentary setting of all-white ceramic utensils with a pair of dark-menacing wooden chopsticks. Everything is just plain clean and the yellow table cloth with gold lacing is kind of a dust-proof itself.

Table setting #1. Well, I called this 1 because the other setting just beside it is different.

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Table setting #2. Oh now I see that it's the table-napkin that makes the difference
When we get there, we waited for another 30 to 45 minutes before our foods were served. When the foods are finally served, we were like in beast mode as we were hungry from the not-so-long wait.

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Food #1. I wasn't able to get it's called but it's just the head part of the fish with slices of pork and potatoes with some vegetables.
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Food #2. Crabs, no lots of crabs! No, make it lots of large crabs. ^_^

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Food #3 & #4. Noodles (Pancit) and Cinnamon bread. 

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The staff are great as well. They are neat and will always serve your food with a smile particularly this lady that is serving SP Beers to the boys. SP Beer is the leading beer in PNG for the record.

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For non-alcoholic drinkers, they also serve a variety of drinks ranging from ice cold tea to commercial soft drinks like coke. Name it and they have it, I think. ^_^
The interior is surprisingly alluring when viewed from within. The designs from the floor to the ceiling is fitted with a Chinese touch and when I say "Chinese touch" I mean to say a race of rich culture--and colors. This is just perfect for a photo-rampage.

Of course, as a photo-hobbyist, I cannot just let the opportunity of taking photos of me and my colleagues pass so we started taking photos even before our meals are served.

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The markings on the wall are nice too and that's me there trying to blend in. 

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Ate Dess with a Burmese girl on the red carpet.

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The incandescent lights and the flower arrangement add to the melodramatic ambiance inside.

Chinese New Year, I think, is not complete without the Ang Pao or ampao in Filipino. For a little trivia , an ampao is a red envelope which is a monetary gift given during holidays like this. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.

The amount of money contained in the envelope ends with an even digit, in accordance to Chinese beliefs as Odd-numbered money gifts are traditionally associated with funerals. Also, the amount should not be given in fours nor any amount with four such as 40 or 44 because it was believed that word "four" resembles the word "death."

Each of the managers was given one and when I opened mine, I was like, "wow!" :)

Ang Pao (ampao). A traditional gift from Papuan-Chinese Company Owners.
If you are in Port Moresby and you wish to visit Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Vision City at Port Moresby, Papua New Guniea, please look at the map below. You may also call them ahead for any reservation (+675) 3028538.

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