About This Blog

This simple blog began in the closing quarter of 2014 during which the author realized that another three years had passed by his life living as an expat in Papua New Guinea. He thought he should write his experiences in an interesting way but was still figuring out how it's done best.

About The Author

Glen was born in the Philippines in 1977. His birth exactly happened according to the hideous plan by his parents to mastermind the creation of a new baby boy soon after they realized that having three little kids running around the house was better than having two kids preying on each other.

His parents named him after some weird thing that has got something to do with a valley. From then on, he was called Glen for the rest of his life despite his early attempts to initiate a plea and have a veto power to the names not to his liking.

The early attempts involved in the time being were the wiggling of his tiny hands underneath the baby mittens and the inaudible gurgles emanating from his yet untrained vocal chords that everyone else there seemed to translate as an appeal for a bottle of milk.

In 1984, while he was pretending to be watching on a miniature television made out of match box and papers, he secretly wished that someone in the future should invent a small TV that could fit in his hand; 30 years later, it did happen and small TV's are everywhere. Nowadays, he thought he should start thinking of something new to wish for.

He sometimes write about himself in the third person, hence there are instances in this blog when he addresses himself as "he, him, this blogger" and so on.

Author's Job at PNG

Glen is working as an IT Manager. His job involved a number of tasks from software developing to SQL Server administering, system administering, hardware, networking, POS maintenance, graphics art for marketing, CCTV installation and maintenance, stocktake control and management.

Author's Tools of The Trade

For software developing, this young blogger is equipped with knowledge in the following programming language: C#.Net, T-SQL, Visual Foxpro 9 and VBA for Excel.

For Graphic Art, he uses Paint SAI Tool, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Hanvon Media Pad and traditional tools like mechanical pencils, markers and color pencils .

Author's Other Blogs and Pages

To keep Pinoy In PNG blog from being saturated with unrelated topics, he has previously created other blogs and FB pages to which he also contributes posts during his free time.

Through The SQL - Glen's technical blog. Discusses anything technical related to IT under the sun. It consists mainly of the author's articles about programming, SQL and web scripting stuffs and hardware troubleshooting.

Villar's World - Glen's blog which serves as a repository for his traditional and digital manga-anime arts.

Thomas and Johnny - Glen's first attempt to drawing cartoon strip of his own. 

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