Tuesday, 30 September 2014

My Humble Beginning In PNG

Pinoy In PNG
The view from the house of our company's owner.
My journey in Papua New Guinea began in 2008 at Lae, Morobe Province, PNG.

During that time, I was working as the head of IT Department in a mid-sized micro-finance company in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The pay was good and I was enjoying my job which was more on being an in-house programmer and a little bit less of being a manager to a handful of tech-savvy people who were in my team. I say 'less' because having personally interviewed and selected them myself, I know their capabilities. I knew then that all of them had potentials and  a simple nudge was all they needed on such a young age to release their insatiable hunger for success.

Pinoy In PNG
My previous company in Nueva Ecija. My friends took this photo sometime in 2008. The banner behind me was one of my designs in Adobe Photoshop. The building behind serves as the main office and a branch for Cabanatuan.

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