Gallery 3

Let's Have A Look At Papua New Guinea

The view at the balcony/entrance of Vision City. The new city hall is visible.

Loloata Island Resort

Port Moresby Nature Park
A nice trail in Port Moresby Nature Park


  1. Hi! I like your blog. Hope you can post more pics specially places in PNG. I'm applying work abroad and an agency called me for an interview for a job in PNG. So I browse over the net about what's life and living and working in PNG. I was a bit shocked and scared at first because of the things that I googled. But when I saw your blogspot I was relieved and happy that PNG is ok to live with in a year or 2.

    1. Hi Lyn Gace,

      Thanks for dropping by. If you have more time, please feel free to browse through my posts. They come with pictures of PNG in them. Good luck! :)




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