Monday, 25 July 2016

The Jollibee-Like Hamburgers In Dream Inn Hotel and Restaurant

Not so long ago, I have come to realize that there are three variants of managers in my workplace: those who like to spend time mostly at home, those who hardly stay at home and those who cannot be classified as both.

 I am more of the latter.

The NCDC has made quite a lot of beautification in the suburbs and conurbations of Port Moresby.  Landscapes in the avenues of Boroko are a fine example and I find it often challenging to dismiss the impulse of drawing out my phone for a quick camera shot. Oftentimes it is our staff, Rodney, who is always a willing accomplice to get it done for me.

While we only get to mingle during office hours, the span of years we’ve been working together is long enough for me to make a statement that he never giggles while seeing me perform a momentary display of suspended animation during my most carefully-practiced smiley pose.

Not all of extemporized foliage has resulted from the goodwill of government intervention. Apparently, Dream Inn Hotel and Restaurant has a version of its own. It’s not often that we see a hotel with such a grandiose display of garden but if you’ve stumbled upon one in Port Moresby, there’s a good chance you’re at the gates of Dream Inn. We did not come here by accident and it was all long planned out by Malou unilaterally after being told that the burgers in Dream Inn is in parity with the burgers from Jollibee. 

She was adamant to be the first to find out.

We came by way of this little car which had been our worthy transport through ups and downs since the early months of this year.  Being able to go to where one wants to go, for as long as it does not infringe upon company regulations, is another one of the perks of being an employee in our company.

Here’s me, Malou and ate Alice. In our own accord, we thought it would be easier to say our verdict without further ado if all of us would just order the same food on the menu. And so we ordered hamburgers which was what we came here for in the first place.

The atmosphere within the dining area is serene and was a good hiding place if you wanted to get away from the bustling life just outside its premises.

Here’s ate Alice, who at the time being was carefully examining what she had yet to devour. I personally think she can pass off as one of those lab technicians whose job is to scribble odd remarks on a notepad in a food production facility.

If I were to hypothetically guess what was going on in the mind of a bored quality control technician when at work observing a batch of open cans filled with condiments moving along a conveyor system in a timely fashion yet slow enough to give time for quality control inspection, it might be like this.

“Hmm, this one’s okay.”

“This one too.”

“This one...”

“This one.”

“Aha! Hmn, nope. Okay, false alarm. Moving on.”

“Is it time yet? I’m hungry.”

How did we feel about the burgers and fries? It was great. They were served fresh and steamy. The burgers actually taste good and if you take it at face value, it does look like Jollibees' and it looks pretty appetizing too. But I still felt that something peculiar was amiss in the taste apart from having Jollibee Champ bouncing around in my head while I munch on it.

For those whose tongue buds are not heavily influenced by Jollibee burgers yet, Dream Inn’s hamburgers are one of a kind and a must to try burgers in Port Moresby.


  1. Is their any Jollibee store in PNG?

  2. Hi Lem1,

    A couple of years ago, they said that they had one in Port Moresby. Now, it's permanently closed.


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