Friday, 5 February 2016

Foods to Eat at POM

What can be a more rhythmic question than asking what is there to eat? It’s possible that while there may be a lot of people like me who don’t bother much about coming up with this question in mind, our kind has only a miniscule part of the entirety to which all human beings are represented.

A little vague, isn’t it? Generally, my thoughts can become aimless and without sense when I’m hungry. As such, I notice that my grammar becomes a bit weird and my statements hold a tendency to digress from my main point.

But going back to my topic, if you have somehow, wondered about the foods we eat here in Port Moresby, here is a photo-list that I prepared for everyone.  I did my best and tried to remember each occurrence in its chronological order as possible. 

In Brumby’s, which is a bakery and a cafeteria at once, one has a freedom to experiment on “pairing up” upon which a brewed coffee of your preference is combined with the bread of your choice. The pair above is a tandem of croissants and a cup of cappuccino which I ordered.

You can find Brumby’s inside the Vision City.

If your taste is accustomed to oriental foods and at some point in your life, it got slightly changed by the introduction of western delicacies, you might want to go and try the restaurant at the Edgewood Hotel.  My friends and I have been here in quite a number of occasions. Our modus operandi for this recurring indulgence is to split the bill among ourselves in varying proportions. 

There is no better place for a bunch of hungry managers to eat and talk freely about the intricacies of politics in the workplace than a geographically well placed hotel-resto.

The Ela Beach Hotel along the Ela Beach is a classy restaurant which is frequented by both expats and locals. Here’s Malou, I and kuya Levi. I’ve only been here for like, twice or so. I like it for the big hamburgers and pizza on its menu.

If you’re in for customized bread, try the Love Bytes Bakery. They can accept custom-made bread to any form and size that fits any occasion. The bread in the photo above is just one fine example.  Its faecal resemblance is done with a sense of purpose and has nothing to do with how it smell.

Mmmmm. Yummy!

Shakers is another bakeshop and cafeteria located at the second floor in Vision City. Although I cannot exactly remember when, we have once dined in here. We just ordered coffee and a few slices of cakes.  

If there is something noteworthy of being mentioned, it is the Claypot in Plaza Inn restaurant which is by far, the greatest-ever kind of claypot that I have ever tasted in my life. Here’s a photo of which the variety of ingredients speak for themselves.  My friends and I have been trying to imitate this recipe but our failures prove that it’s not quite an easy task. Perhaps there is a secret recipe to it.

I wonder what it can be?

Another place where we can buy and eat a really nice cake is in Boroko Foodworld near Gordons. The cake above was what I ordered before. Like everyone else, I seem to have developed a habit of taking a photo of something I’m about to eat… or have partially eaten in this case.

Here’s me in my uniform and this shelf is in RH Hypermart at Vision City.

I love chocolates as much as pregnant women love unripe mangoes. But then not all pregnant women love an unripe mango so I guess the more appropriate analogy would be, “I love chocolates as much as some pregnant mango-loving-women love unripe mangoes.”

Next post, I'll try and write something about a couple of interesting place that I've been in POM. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. France Garrido1 March 2016 at 22:30

    Hello! This is off-topic but I would like to hear your opinion on the internet connection there in PNG? Do you have any recommended telco companies which provides good connection?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi France Garrido,

      The quality of internet connection in Papua New Guinea has dramatically improved a lot since I came here in 2011. Great internet bundles were introduced and the price had somewhat become lower or somewhat affordable to many.

      Although I cannot recommend a company that offers a good connection, I can give you some of the ISP's here in PNG.

      * Telikom Internet
      * Digicel Internet
      * BMobile Internet

      There are other ISP's in PNG too:

      * Datec
      * Global
      * Hitron

      ... and there are some others which I forgot the names.

      In the company that I work with, we are subscribed to Datec unlimited plan at around K605 per month with a varying speed of 256 up to 512kbps. They have other services too like a 10gb or more capped plans which have a speed raging from 1mbps to 10mbps or even higher.

      Some of my fellow managers in the house are subscribed to Telikom's ADSL connection under a prepaid term. Since this is a connection that involves a telephone line, the internet speed is usually faster.

      Personally, I'm just using my mobile's internet connection under Digicel internet bundles. For K70, I can get 1GB of internet data a month.


    2. France Garrido3 March 2016 at 00:25

      Hello Glen,

      Thank you for your inputs! I am soon to become an OFW there in PNG that's why I am looking for good and affordable internet connection. It's great to know that the connection there is improving. Thanks again!

    3. Hello Glen,
      Glad that i bumped into your site! This is another off topic question however. We (a couple with a 2 year old child) will move to POM starting from April this year. We plan to stay in a temporary apartment/ hotel while we are looking for a more permanent place for us. Do you have suggestions about safe temporary apartments or hotels for us? Another question, which area would be safe to live in? If you can suggest a good and reasonably priced compound, we would be interested to know. Thanks in advance.
      Best regards, Max and Nisa

    4. Hi Max and Nisa,

      Thank you for dropping by. For temporary hotel, I recommend Lamana Hotel, Holiday Inn and Laguna Hotel for a couple of days.

      As for the more permanent place, I'm not familiar with properties around. But the company that I work with has some properties for rent and we've had some expat clients before.

      Feel free to drop me an email if you wish to know more about the properties.


  2. Hi glen,
    Thanks for your suggestions. Will surely email you. Can i please have your email address?
    Cheers, max

  3. Hi Max,

    You can send your emails to



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