Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to Write a Letter of Donation

Quite a few days ago, I was urgently asked by a colleague to help her write a letter of donation to a person who was previously working with us. Unfortunately, that person is unable to work at the time being, or may not be able to work at all, due to a vehicular accident.

I love to claim that I am not an expert in writing letters simply because it's the truth. And the internet has a veritable stockpiles of various letter examples, all that one needs to do is google through them.

But I guess, our friendly Google can also come back empty-handed especially if the topic being looked up is atypical. Sometimes, it treats us instead to a generous serving of hits that have a little significance to what is being asked for. I'd like to think that it's due to its search-algorithm going haywire and deviating from the given task while pretending to be in possession of an intelligence that is akin to a 6 year old kid.

The closest thing that we can probably think of in comparison is the autonomous robot called AMEE in the movie Red Planet. Amee is designed to provide a mechanical support to the astronauts involved in a mission to Mars. A small accident has caused Amee's behavioral shift, and it became a contumacious robot that hunted down all of the accompanying astronauts to death.

Anyway, with the very little time given to do more searches, I am only left with the option to compose my own. So, here's the basic letter of donation that I wrote. I believe that it may help you jumpstart your "idea-machinery" and have you working on your own style in no time.


Dear Employee Name,

We are deeply saddened by the news of your accident. It is unfortunate that despite all of our efforts to stay clear of troubles, nature is habitually unpredictable and oftentimes random in disseminating misfortunes to any of us.

We believe that no human being deserves to suffer from the debilitating effect of a vehicular accident, let alone the unbearable pain that it leaves behind.

Therefore, to assist you with your medical expenses, the company has decided to give you a K500 donation.  We humbly believe that, no matter how trivial this amount may be, it will be of assistance to your medical needs.

We wish you a speedy recovery. We hope that this small token of appreciation will merit a little smile from you.

Thanking you for your service to us.

Yours Truly,

Your Name

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