Friday, 21 October 2016

Filipino Associations In PNG: FAPNG and LFAI

One of the prominent Filipino associations that I know of in Papua New Guinea is the FAPNG whose office is in Port Moresby. There is a similar association based in Lae called LFAI or the Lae Filipino Association, Inc. 

While it's a fact that they have been functioning around for quite some time, I haven’t been too concern about joining. Perhaps during the past few years, I was fine with doing things by myself and I didn’t see the merit of being in one of the group.

Just recently, the talks about an election of officers for FAPNG have reached our doorsteps through a co-worker named Levi, who is also a candidate for the secretarial position. And a few days ago, kuya Tony, who is an old-timer in PNG has sent us a couple of membership forms.

Now that I have started blogging about my experiences in PNG, I might as well try and blog about the good things that FAPNG is doing to promote camaraderie among the Filipinos living in this country.  But I am more interested to blog about their projects and community services that directly relate to the betterment of local communities.

So it has come to pass that I’ve decided to join.

This is the logo of the FAPNG (pronounced as fapnang) and I took this shot during one of our company’s Christmas Staff Parties which was held at FAPNG’s Club House.

A couple of days ago, I received this receipt from them confirming my payment for the membership fee. The document behind is a list of certain privileges that a Filipino can get as benefits for being an active member of the association.  The paper with colorful prints just behind the receipt is, I guess, a flyer from one of the aspiring parties trying to inform us of their good intention to serve in administrative positions if they win the polls this upcoming FAPNG officer election.

That will be on the 30th of October, 2016. I am off by then so I’m looking forward to drop by the Club House and cast my vote.

This is one of the activities that happened during our Staff Party at FAPNG Club House: a few staffs are seen enjoying the music while some are lining up at the background to check on the free food.

What I love about our company is that it makes sure that all of the staffs are not going to go home hungry. Here’s one of the staff with his fair share of the freebies.

Mmmm, isn't that cake lovely?

Like how a party venue should look like in the end, we actually have left behind some garbage around despite our efforts to keep the place clean.  But it’s a good thing there’s not much of rubbish to clean for these two gentlemen who immediately came to sweep around as soon as everyone was out.

Thank you guys!

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