Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Snapshots In Papua New Guinea

According to Albert Einstein, happiness becomes true if it is associated to goals and not with something else. An object, or money, for instance, do provide happiness at some point in time and pretty much they make living our lives easier.Yet at the end of the day, only us can tell if it's hollow or not.

For me, as being a man who is always in pursuit of happiness, I do think that my happiness is simple. But purely, as a result of my imagination, I am always inclined to believe that anything that makes me happy is tied to a simplistic goal.

Take my photography hobby for example, although I am not blessed with an inborn-talent that turns anything crap into a framed art, I persevere to learn the trend but I don't exhaust myself to the point that it's no longer a hobby.

My goal in photography is really simple, and that is to be able to capture a scene into a frame that can stir mine, or somebody else's emotions when I look at it again a couple of years later. Being simple as it is, I don't quite belittle the effect of setting a realistic goal because the reward of joy that I instantly get every time I hit it is repetitive, sort of a Dopamine boost that gives a positive impact to my everyday life.

And with that being said, here are some common scenes that I managed to capture from various locations in Papua New Guinea with a hope to spark a recollection of similar events from our memories.

A wet star-spangled banner of Papua New Guineas flag flaps as the wind blows after a sudden rain. Unless I'm mistaken, I remember to have taken this shot somewhere in November when everyone around is preparing for the Independence Day celebration. When I was around 7 or 8, I remembered seeing a Philippine flag of similar size with its plastic pole filled of tiny spherical candies in different colors. I used to buy those flags just for the sake of it. 

Mother Theresa had once said that "peace begins with a smile." Such a smile from this lady "Meri" (Tok Pisin) brings about a warm feeling and it was difficult not to smile back. 

Remember the days when we're toddlers? Friendships could form without even knowing when it started. It's easy enough to conclude that curiosity is what brings about an undeclared friendship among little children. And for adults? I think it's games and sports. The man in this photo is Graham. Although he was more adept in playing soccer, he had tried his best, in several occasions, and played basketball with us. I took this shot at the end of one of those games. 

Once or twice a year, we would find ourselves visiting our boss' house. They have this nice overview of the surroundings. I honestly think that it's a perfect location to observe how this country is growing forward from day to day.

An affordable pocket watch from City Pharmacy and a chess board that was on sale at RH Hypermart. Both can make a good combination in depicting time and action. No matter how crude it is, I think it will be a nice prop if one wants a shot about explaining the idea of Time Dilation in Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity.

The famous 1 Kina coin with a hole in the middle is seen floating here along with the other types of Papua New Guinea's currencies.

One thing worth nothing for in Papua New Guinea is that the eggs sold around here are produced in brown color. While some may argue that brown eggs contain more nutrients than white eggs, I seriously believe that they are both the same on the inside. 

While we occasionally encounter a decrease in water pressure at some point in a day, the water service in Port Moresby is excellent in providing water to its residents. 

Sometimes, even the little things of less significant value is an art to the beholder. A small thing I found lying on the ground after a downpour at Gordons.

Stove with multiple burners is a common thing to see in everyone's household particularly in expats' accommodations. This is probably due to the fact that most accommodations dedicated to expatriates are shared and that includes the things you find in the kitchen.

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