Monday, 20 February 2017

Feel The Love with Christian Bautista

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.”
-- Ella Fitzgerald

In general, this quote holds true in some degree. And while I think that voice quality isn't an issue on premises that singing is for everyone and most of the religions known to men require singing at some point during a congregation, we still prefer to listen to someone who can sing better than what we can do. Someone who can serenade us with soul-soothing love songs, if that's your genre.

For example, I sing like a frog. Even if I try hard and sing better, I'd still sound like a frog--although, it might be a different kind of sort; like a bullfrog or a toad. I'm not sure how many people in this world are a fan of a singing froglet but I reckon there's not so many.

Hence, on 11th of this coming March 2017, FAPNG will bring us singers from the Philippines namely Christian Bautista, Sheng Belmonte and Richard Villanueva, to give us a chance to see them perform live and entertain us with post-valentine love songs at the Dynasty Restaurant, Vision City.

While I’m not particular about who’s coming in to sing, I still appreciate it that Christian Bautista will take his time off to visit Papua New Guinea.  I’ve known in the past that he was kind of well-known in Indonesia for his talent in singing and his cool looks.

One of my favorite songs from one of his albums is Hands To Heaven.

This is the poster that Levi was carrying around this morning and he was supposed to post it outside the shop that we are working with. The smiling woman is one of our staff who happily held the poster up for me.

 As what it says on the poster, part of the proceeds that will come from the show will go to the Tembari Children Care. The picture above is the Center itself. (photo credits to:

The Tembari Children’s Care is a day care facility at ATS Oro Settlement at 7-Mile, outside the vicinity of Port Moresby. According to Tembari Blog, the facility has taken care of more than 200 former street children in 2015 alone. Taking care of the children means giving them meals at least twice a day and providing them an early education. (photo credits to:

All of the street children being are comprised of orphans, abandoned and the unfortunate ones.  While the Filipino Association of Papua New Guinea is an avid supporter of the Tembari Children Care, significant assistance in terms of food and money are also coming in from other groups and individuals.

I’m not a fan of watching concerts but perhaps watching a concert for a cause is something that is worth considering.

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